How To Fast-Track Your Personalized Medicine Strategy

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Working out how to guide your company into the personalized medicine future can be a daunting, even overwhelming task – perhaps best to put it on hold…. But since President Obama announced to the US and the world in 2015 that personalized medicine (PM) was the way to go, it’s time to admit that this is really happening and it would be wise not to ignore it any longer.

We know there is so much to think about because getting ready for PM involves every aspect of your business, from partnering deals and engaging with laboratories to educating stakeholders and funding to ensure test adoption. Like the medicine we are so keen to get right, it’s madness to try to consume everything in one go, but to take the necessary amount for a stated period of time to reach a better state of health.

Diaceutics has been on top of personalized medicine since its early beginnings so we recognise the pharmaceutical industry’s need to understand diagnostic development, planning and commercialization. We are happy to share our knowledge regarding the importance and the potential impact of diagnostics.

That’s why our Ebook Personalized Medicine: What Pharma Should Do to Get Ready could act as a calming cool cloth on your fevered brow and help you to look rationally at the various processes involved. And even these light-hearted but informative insights into becoming PM-ready contain three bite-sized pieces of best practice advice, making the process even clearer.

Let’s take a deep breath and check out a part of the Engaging with Laboratories section.

“Have you ever met someone who stopped running a marathon after 37km because he got bored? Would you ever consider reading a thriller without finding out ‘whodunnit’ in the final chapter?

Diaceutics has come across many examples of pharmaceutical companies planning in great detail and rolling out their robust drug and diagnostic development and commercialization strategies. But when they are nearly at the end of the process, they forget to engage with laboratories to communicate the benefits of their precious newly-launched diagnostic test.

Diaceutics has identified three best practices to ensure that pharma engages with laboratories. These practices are based on Labceutics’ expertise that aligns the efforts of pharma and diagnostic companies to achieve efficient diagnostic testing in laboratories:

  1. Define a lab footprint
  2. Engage and leverage laboratories
  3. Provide communication about the test and its protocol”


There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Like a reassuring doctor Diaceutics is here to help, and if you find the Ebook and its nine sections covering topics such as Partnering and Managing Partnerships, The Shift Towards Patient Centricity, and Budget Allocation for Diagnostic Development and Commercialization to be an encouraging introduction, and you are looking for a serious expert consultation, then we can support your efforts to move at a healthy pace towards a PM ready future.


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