Can laboratories’ experience of PD-L1 companion diagnostic testing be improved? 

During the last few years there has been intense debate about the biomarker PD-L1. It has become a significant feature of precision medicine but its uptake in diagnostic testing has been affected by a number of factors such as availability in labs, confusion over testing options, the platforms required and the interpretation and reporting of results. It’s a situation Diaceutics […]

Getting a great view of the companion diagnostic landscape  

With another FDA approval for Merck’s Keytruda, this time for gastric cancer, we see the onward march of PD-L1 therapy development. This time the therapy has been approved alongside the Agilent Technology companion diagnostic 22C3 pharmDx kit to test for PD-L1 IHC. When a therapy is approved for a new indication, pharma companies can benefit from an in-depth landscape analysis of a particular companion diagnostic market in order to understand the testing options for an advanced disease, the sample availability, the […]