Can laboratories’ experience of PD-L1 companion diagnostic testing be improved? 

During the last few years there has been intense debate about the biomarker PD-L1. It has become a significant feature of precision medicine but its uptake in diagnostic testing has been affected by a number of factors such as availability in labs, confusion over testing options, the platforms required and the interpretation and reporting of results. It’s a situation Diaceutics […]

Getting a great view of the companion diagnostic landscape  

With another FDA approval for Merck’s Keytruda, this time for gastric cancer, we see the onward march of PD-L1 therapy development. This time the therapy has been approved alongside the Agilent Technology companion diagnostic 22C3 pharmDx kit to test for PD-L1 IHC. When a therapy is approved for a new indication, pharma companies can benefit from an in-depth landscape analysis of a particular companion diagnostic market in order to understand the testing options for an advanced disease, the sample availability, the […]

PD-L1: The Story So Far

The time of the old and well-known ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to therapy is being overtaken by precision medicine and the commercialization of multiple targeted therapies. We are now in an era in which the coexistence of diagnostics and biomarker detection on the treatment pathway is not an option, but mandatory. With regulatory authorities now favoring submission […]