Diaceutics, the medtech company enabling better patient testing globally, announced today that its four divisions, Labceutics, Iceutics, Bioceutics and Analytics, Insights & Strategy (AIS), will re-align into one cohesive organization under the company name “Diaceutics.”

Newly appointed Managing Director of Marketing, Steve Vitale, said, “This change in branding has been made to reflect the growth of the Diaceutics service offering which leverages an expanding global network of laboratories to provide an end-to-end solution for our pharmaceutical clients. In essence, we are highlighting the foundation of the organization with this name change to align our corporate and divisional brand identities into one core vision. That vision which remains today, is to enable pharma to leverage diagnostic testing globally. Our team of global laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical experts will remain unchanged. Working closely with our lab partners, Diaceutics will continue to lead the way in precision medicine by allowing our customers to integrate quality testing, drive more effective commercialization of targeted therapies and ensure that more patients can benefit from these potentially life-saving medications.”

From conception to the present day: read more about the evolution of Diaceutics since the company was founded in 2005 here: Corporate History

About Diaceutics

Diaceutics is transforming an industry model by enabling pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their market penetration and achieve a better return on new drugs by helping them to radically improve their patient testing. It does this by allowing them access to real-time testing data from its worldwide laboratory network, which helps them understand and leverage the diagnostic landscape and segment physicians by their testing behavior. The company leads the top 10 global markets in its cancer-related therapy area, with a 60% market share and experience of more than 200 drug launches. Eight out of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies are clients and it currently analyses 80% of testing data in the US in its selected cancer related therapy areas. The company employs the leading global group of experts from the laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

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