Sanna Jousi

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing for Diaceutics, Sanna is responsible for the development and execution of the marketing strategy. Previously in her role as a Managing Director, she led a partnership with Omnicom advertising agency and developed an agency dedicated to unlocking the power of precision medicine communication.

Sanna has also driven the development of digital products and interactive multimedia software solutions built on the Diaceutics Method® to support diagnostic and precision therapy launch.

Prior to her promotion to Managing Director in 2012, Sanna was Vice President of Research and Development for Diaceutics, using her experience in incorporating multimedia solutions as part of corporate training to build the Diaceutics Method® into an interactive software tool. She is the founder and former Managing Director of SLP Innovations Ltd., which organized, coordinated and delivered tailor-made training to key biotechnology companies in Finland.

Sarah Colgan

Events Coordinator

As Events Coordinator for Diaceutics, Sarah is responsible for coordinating our presence at global conferences and managing events produced in collaboration with clients and laboratory partners.

Sarah, who joined Diaceutics in 2016, has an academic background in marketing, communications and public relations and over six years’ professional experience in event management. Having worked closely with stakeholders across the corporate and non-profit sectors to deliver tailored events, she combines a skilled approach to event organization with a uniquely interpersonal touch.