Ryan Keeling

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of Diaceutics, Ryan is responsible for overseeing operations across the company.

Ryan joined Diaceutics in 2009 and has utilised his expertise in commercial, data and pharma strategy to work on multiple diagnostic/therapy launches since then. Ryan is focused on providing strategic advice to our pharma clients that is supported with a strong background in market access and reimbursement.

Steve Vitale

Managing Director

As a Managing Director of Diaceutics, Steve is responsible for leading client engagements, providing clear and actionable insights based on robust data related to the development and commercialization of companion diagnostics paired with targeted therapies.

Steve’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry includes a 12 year tenure at GlaxoSmithKline, where he supported and led US market launches of multiple brands and indications across a variety of therapeutic areas.  As Director of Global Marketing, he oversaw international efforts to drive market development and lifecycle activities for the metabolic product portfolio, and spearheaded the creation of the innovation function within the US vaccines division. In addition, Steve has served as Management Advisor for TGaS Advisors, building the global marketing benchmark solution from its infancy into a standard offering for the firm.

Peter Keeling

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of Diaceutics, Peter has driven the organization from its inception in 2005 to become a leader in innovative solutions that enable pharma to leverage diagnostic testing globally. He has overseen the expansion and development of Diaceutics to support pharma therapy and diagnostic commercialization via a worldwide team.

Peter recognised early on that precision medicine would be an increasingly large part of the drug development paradigm, representing a shift in how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Today, he is a thought leader in precision medicine commercialization and Diaceutics provides the top 20 precision medicine pharma companies with the data, analytics and global lab implementation services required to align biomarker and diagnostic demand with therapy, patient and revenue targets in key markets.

Peter’s role with Diaceutics complements over thirty years’ experience in international healthcare which began at GSK and Diagnology. He has operated and led companies and teams in the US, Europe, Asia and BRIC countries, inspiring product innovation and global launches while repeatedly delivering high corporate value growth for shareholders.

Peter has spent two extended periods in applied industrial research, including a year at MIT’s Pharmaceutical Program at the Sloan School of Management in Boston. He has also published widely and is a respected speaker at precision medicine events around the world.

Jordan Clark, PhD

Managing Director

As a Managing Director of Diaceutics, Jordan leads the client projects to ensure the Diaceutics Method® is harnessed to deliver maximum strategic and critical thinking, and leverage the diagnostic in support of targeted therapies. He has worked on over 20 targeted therapies, optimizing diagnostics into a supportive environment for precision medicine.

Jordan has academic and professional qualifications in biomedical and clinical sciences. He is a state licensed scientist in hematology, spending five years at Cambridge University diagnosing cancer patients and working to aid their care. Jordan is renowned for biomarker testing through his role at UK NEQAS, one of the largest proficiency test providers, where he founded seven new quality programs, including the first for FLT3 and NPM1, which involved engaging with 200 AML diagnostic laboratories globally.