Job Description

Scientist with hands on laboratory and/or pharmaceutical expertise in the field of oncology and/or hematology. The role holder will support pharmaceutical clients’ initiatives in optimizing implementation and follow up support of specific biomarkers/companion diagnostics relevant to client’s specific needs. You will need to be able to highlight and improve laboratory testing pathways which could otherwise results in patient testing errors. The post will involve direct engagement with clinical testing laboratories via face-to-face visits and WebEx/TC support. You will be expected to work closely with Diaceutics European team members.  

The job function will be to:

  • Increase laboratory awareness and education for specific diagnostic and companion tests (DX & CDX) and associated technology for personalized medicine (PM) therapies
  • Engage with laboratories to establish and optimize testing processes during the stages of the patient-laboratory testing pathway (pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic stages)
  • Support laboratories by providing required and relevant educational material, assist and advise on relevant diagnostic technologies
  • Support laboratories needs to effectively and accurately monitor and collate biomarker testing rates
  • Be involved with validation/verification, concordance and ring studies in line with pharmaceutical clients’ needs
  • Engage with country specific quality proficiency testing
  • Prepare and present reports and findings at Diaceutics, laboratory and pharmaceutical client level
  • Promote and improve on Diaceutics and ‘Lab Partner’ initiatives to relevant stakeholders

Other Duties

As well as direct laboratory interaction, you will also be involved in and delivery of other Diaceutics related projects. You will need to meet deadlines with an ethos of not just delivering the clients end-product but focusing on quality of the deliverables and outcomes ensuring to ‘delight’ the client and exceeding their expectations. You may identify potential client projects and are encouraged to develop those ideas in partnership with the team. You will provide scientific insight and knowledge and input where required both in developing and delivering new projects. You will need to be organized and able to project manage, keep records accurately, have excellent presentation and IT skills and to work logically and methodically both individually and as part of the larger team with an eye for quality.

You will be required to travel nationally and internationally and so will require the ability and willingness to do so.  In addition, in view of our ‘virtual organization’ philosophy, this post offers the advantage of home-based working and flexible working hours but within the boundaries of business needs and client expectations.

You will be involved in actively maintaining and developing relationships with Diaceutics’ network of laboratories and with our trusted expert partners. 

Person Specification: 


  • Science degree (or equivalent) and/or PhD
  • At least 5 years’ experience in medical laboratories, pharmaceutical experience would also be desirable.
  • Expertise of next generation sequencing (NGS) in the pathology and/or hematology setting
  • Experience in techniques of PCR, CGH, DNA methodologies
  • Experience/knowledge of biomarkers and precision medicine
  • Based in France
  • Fluent in French and English. Additional languages welcome
  • Ability to engage and communicate with laboratory professionals, pathologists, oncologists and pharma clients
  • Ability to influence recruitment of laboratories, pathologists and oncologists to collaborate and take part in studies
  • Ability to hold evidence based scientific discussions
  • Have the confidence to produce and present reports, study findings and proposals to pharmaceutical clients and laboratories
  • Able to focus and undertake self-directed work
  • Experience in using a variety of IT software


  • Experience/knowledge in/of pharmaceutical industry.
  • Histology, immunohistochemistry and ISH is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of quality management systems (QMS) and ISO accreditation
  • Laboratory information management systems LIMS/LIS

Network of contacts in laboratory, pathology or oncology setting

How to apply:

If you are interested in further exploring this exciting opportunity to join an enthusiastic team in a well-positioned, highly esteemed specialist consulting business please send your CV and a letter of interest to HR