Diagnostic-enabled forecasting can provide vital information on future revenue and patient share losses or gains for a therapy. The Diaceutics Financial Planner is a dedicated planning tool that enables you to maximize your return on investment by accurately defining the budget you need to build diagnostics into your commercial strategy. Once the target metrics are supplied, the planner then simulates real market conditions. 

How Does it Work?


New Financial Architecture

Integrating diagnostics into therapy forecast models works to a different set of rules. We have successfully designed specialized financial modelling software to navigate the new financial architecture. Our analysts take your key market and target metrics and produce customized outputs to support internal presentations and investment decisions.


Invest in the Real Drivers of Diagnostic Adoption

Understanding diagnostic uptake and how drivers directly or indirectly affect the therapy return on investment can be difficult. The Diaceutics Financial Planner allows you to understand and determine which combination of drivers best fits your asset or product portfolio for delivering profitability, thereby putting you back in control.


Inform Go-To-Market Strategies

Poorly-designed diagnostic strategies leak away therapy revenue opportunity, lead to uninformed decisions and significant market underperformance. Diaceutics Financial Planner enables you to plan early, inform commercial teams where and when they should be investing in improved diagnostic access and identify the top 10 market opportunities for your targeted therapy.