An optimized and aligned diagnostic strategy can help you identify a market niche and differentiate your test or therapy from those of the competition. Developing a diagnostic launch strategy leads to effective alignment that can maximize the appropriate use of your  therapy.

The Diaceutics Alignment program provides harmonization for your diagnostic pre-launch strategy and the critical steps needed for implementation.

The program:

  • Aligns the therapy and test development process;
  • Generates technical specifications, target test profiles and recommends tests/platforms;
  • Integrates the testing scheme with the clinical course;
  • Provides diagnostic development choices and commercialization tactics;
  • Provides choices for the appropriate regulatory pathway;
  • Supports all commercialization activities.

How Does the Diaceutics Alignment Program Work?

Alignment Process and Solutions

Scenario Planning

Plan for multiple outcomes depending on market and portfolio dynamics

Patient Journey

Understand the patient journey throughout the diagnostic process

Partner Selection Index

Assess key requirements as your company considers potential diagnostic partners

Diagnostic Target Test Profile

Use tools to identify the ideal diagnostic test to drive your development activities

Diaceutics Financial Planner

Define your budget to manage diagnostics in your therapy commercial strategy LEARN MORE

Diagnostic Launch Planner

Access this flexible tool to enable country, central asset and central targeted therapy teams to be launch ready LEARN MORE

Alignment Workshop

Gather all internal stakeholders to drive internal alignment around the diagnostic strategy

Partner ‘Request for Proposal’ Specification

Determine the best ways to find and work with potential partners

Integrated Route Map

Create and maintain a tangible plan to track all activities related to diagnostic development

Build Strategy to Ensure Seamless Testing