Diaceutics is a global group of experts from the laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Our goal is to help pharmaceutical companies integrate diagnostic testing into their treatment pathways. We are empowered through a real-time flow of testing data from our worldwide laboratory network which we use to help our pharma clients understand and leverage the diagnostic landscape.

Our proprietary Diaceutics Method® is a planning and implementation process designed for therapy and diagnostic teams who need to navigate the complexities of combining testing and therapy into a treatment pathway. It frames and supports our suite of innovative solutions that help clients firstly understand the diagnostic market, then build and implement a diagnostic plan, and finally monitor their diagnostic in the landscape using tracking programs.

Diaceutics is unique in its position as we enable pharma to leverage diagnostic testing globally:

  • Our team combines deep domain expertise with hands-on experience from over 200 diagnostic projects;
  • Our digitally-enabled, Diaceutics Method® helps you master diagnostic launches and deliver a superior return on the diagnostic strategy;
  • We leverage real-time lab analytics to ensure you can segment your target physicians by their testing behaviours;
  • Finally, we have a worldwide reach and can implement your diagnostic launch via our global lab network, providing you with rapid launches in the world’s top 10 markets.

Diaceutics is wholly owned by its management team. It has offices in Ireland, USA and the United Kingdom.


Our clients


Diaceutics’ innovative implementation solutions have proven effective for more than 75 targeted assets with top pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, MedImmune, AstraZeneca and Bristol Myers-Squibb, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the not-for-profit sector. Over three-quarters of our business comes from repeat clients, which speaks to our tangible results and our ability to enable pharma to leverage diagnostic testing globally.

We also work with leading diagnostic companies, such as bioMérieux, Abbott and Asuragen, helping them optimize potential partnering and diagnostic opportunities. As regulatory authorities increasingly encourage a simultaneous launch of therapy and diagnostic, Diaceutics understands that getting the right partner on board is vital.