2005-2009 – Diaceutics uses a consulting business model to provide personalized medicine services initially to GSK, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Pfizer in support of early targeted therapy launches. Key members of the international management team are recruited, from locations in North America and Europe, and the company launches its acclaimed Convergence process which seeks to create greater collaboration between leading pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic companies. Throughout this period, Diaceutics creates its Diaceutics Method®, an integrated personalized medicine planning and implementation process designed for therapy and diagnostic teams who need to navigate the complexities of combining testing and therapy into a treatment pathway.
2009 – Diaceutics launches its business plan to provide a comprehensive consulting and services company dedicated to the personalized medicine space. The company takes its first steps outside consulting and creates a digital solutions division, Iceutics, to help support its consulting services and provide clients with greater direct access to the Diaceutics Method®.
2010 – Diaceutics opens its first implementation service subsidiary, Labceutics. It focuses on harnessing the Laboratory-Physician Interface globally to integrate companion and complementary tests into personalized medicine.
2011 – Diaceutics receives assistance from the Irish Development Authority to open the industry’s first personalized medicine digital centre of excellence outside Dublin. The centre is home to the Iceutics team dedicated to the development of the Diaceutics Method®.
2012 – Diaceutics and Corbett Accel Healthcare Group, Chicago [now Corbett, part of TBWA/WORLDHEALTH], partner to form a dedicated personalized medicine communications service division (Bioceutics) designed to help pharma integrate diagnostics into communications, enabling ownership of the testing moment and establishment of personalized medicine as a separate marketing pillar alongside efficacy, safety, cost and convenience.
2014-2016 – Diaceutics completes its 100th personalized medicine asset-focused program, providing it with the deepest experience in the field. Diaceutics continues to build its thought leadership in the personalized medicine space and supports the foundation of a not-for-profit company focused on personalized medicine systems integration, The PM CONNECTIVE.
2017 – Diaceutics consolidates its four divisions having developed core competencies in the key areas of laboratories, data, education and diagnostic commercialization. These elements are absorbed into the proprietary Diaceutics Method® designed to accelerate the diagnostic launch process for pharma, leverage better outcomes for patients and improve return on investment for therapies.