A synchronous and fully-aligned development and launch of therapy and diagnostic is critical to achieve commercial success.

The Diaceutics Method® is designed for therapy and diagnostic teams who need to navigate the complexities of combining testing and therapy into a treatment pathway.

Whether you are at the pre-launch planning stage or commercial implementation stage, the Diaceutics Method® is an integrated diagnostic planning and implementation method designed to help you understand and integrate testing along the lifecycle development model.

At the pre-launch planning stage, the Diaceutics Method® is there, for both therapies and diagnostics, ready to combine customized decision trees, attuned decision tools, case-based reasoning and real-time market testing analytics, to optimize the launch strategy both clinically and financially.

At the commercial implementation stages, the Diaceutics Method® drives adoption of the test into clinical practice via a customized suite of laboratory-physician interactions, supported by branding and communication techniques proven to differentiate therapies and diagnostics.

The Diaceutics Method® forms the framework for our Solutions.