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Diagnostic Landscape 

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Data-driven, comprehensive and customized understanding of the testing market to identify key risks and opportunities your test will face. 

Diagnostic Planning 

Build the plan that will integrate the diagnostic into the overall brand strategy, ensuring patients get the right medicine at the right time. 

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Diagnostic Commercialization

Leverage our experts on the ground to implement your diagnostic tactical plan in key markets around the world.

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Diagnostic Tracking

Leverage robust, real-time data from key clinical laboratories to track diagnostic testing KPIs. 

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Diagnostic Market Research

Specialized, fully integrated primary market research focused on diagnostics and CDx-enabled therapies.

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Diagnostic Reimbursement

Understand the reimbursement landscape across key global markets to ensure the seamless adoption of your companion diagnostic test.

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In Brazil, one of the largest healthcare markets in the world, the private health insurance governing body, ANS (Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar), has reached the resolution (to be confirmed) which allows any individual, including pharmaceutical companies, to directly apply for reimbursement for technologies in the private sector. Previously, only medical societies and members of COSAUDE could apply for such reviews. With 23% of the population in Brazil (47M people) having access to the private health insurance system, this change presents a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical companies in Brazil to make a positive impact by gathering vital information to drive reimbursement and access of diagnostic tests and medicines. 


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With a population of more than 200 million, Brazil spends 9.1% of GDP on healthcare and is the largest market for medical devices in Latin America, with around 6,500 hospitals and 18,000 diagnostic laboratories. At Diaceutics we can help pharmaceutical companies understand the testing landscape using our network of testing data which has been mapped across Brazil for several years. 

Read our latest report to find out why Diaceutics is the perfect partner to realize this new reimbursement opportunity. 

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