Introducing DXRX – The Diagnostic Network®

DXRX is the world’s first Diagnostic Network for Precision Medicine

Get unrivalled access to multiple pipelines of real-world diagnostic testing data from a global network of laboratories

481,042,422 De-Identified Patient Records

Global Coverage of 53 Countries

Largest Lab Dataset in US market

Combined Coverage from academic, community & reference labs

Average 4.7 Years' Longitudinal History

Weekly Physician Mapping (US)

Data Available From 2011

228,214 Payors

52,515 labs showing disease volumes

Deeper Analysis and Insights

Optimize your sales operations through sophisticated analysis of physician testing behaviour

Find out which physicians are ordering your test and which labs they are ordering from

Better segmentation of physicians enabling more precise targeting informed by weekly data feeds

Find and target new and potential prescribers for your therapy

Gain greater physician insights through combined lab and medical claims data

Precisely track testing rate at a physician level to identify optimal opportunities for intervention

Gain a better understanding of your patient’s diagnostic journey from diagnosis to treatment

Understand the entire diagnostic journey for your patients even as they move from lab to lab

Benefit from expert labelling to find more patients eligible for your therapy which would otherwise be missed

Identify and address potential leakage points which could impact commercial success

Make evidence based decisions for your diagnostic strategy

Receive test event signals relevant to your patient cohort

Enable the right conversations at the right time for your Sales Operations team

Ensure your communications are both timely and applicable to your customers

Receive test event signals for events

Reduce time to actionability through direct integration with CRM

Accelerate clinical trial enrolment by identifying eligible patients

Ensure no eligible patient is left behind

Understand the laboratory universe for your disease

Understand the labs currently testing patients diagnosed with a specific disease and those who are not

 Identify testing pain points needing addressed in each lab to support your therapy

Make evidence based decisions on the right testing partnerships

Track availability of lab testing including technical specifications of the test

Understand the epidemiology of your disease

Make evidence-based predictions on outcomes for your patient cohort using metrics

Use real-world disease demographics for more accurate forecasting

Data Solution

Lab Mapping

Maximize access to your therapy by identifying which labs are testing for your biomarker in your target regions

Increase access to your therapy by identifying additional labs that could support testing for your biomarker in your target markets

Understand the current landscape and monitor the evolving nature of diagnostic testing to inform robust strategic decisions

Data Solution

Physician Mapping

Maximize access to your therapy by profiling and targeting physicians testing for your disease.

Our world-class data repository and analytical tools can help you understand how the most influential physicians make testing and treatment decisions for your disease or treatment type, as well as providing actionable data such as testing rates, and which labs are used

DXRX is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics