Introducing DXRX – The Diagnostic Network®

DXRX is the world’s first Diagnostic Network for Precision Medicine

DXRX integrates a global flow of diagnostic testing data into one secure platform

Unlocked for a network of industry leading partners to get every patient the treatment they deserve

“Given the richness of the data we have, Diaceutics has been uniquely positioned to identify that there is a better way to unlock the value of Precision Medicines.

We believe that DXRX is that solution."

Derek Hosty, Head of Innovation, Diaceutics

Informing better business decisions and value driven outcomes

Achieve better outcomes for patients through the integration of diagnostic testing data at critical stages of the development and commercialization journey

Providing access to transparent, real-time reporting on diagnostic market performance

Track diagnostic market performance for your brands at local level to maintain and enhance test uptake across the portfolio

Data Solution

Lab Mapping

Maximize access to your therapy by identifying which labs are testing for your biomarker in your target regions

Increase access to your therapy by identifying additional labs that could support testing for your biomarker in your target markets

Understand the current landscape and monitor the evolving nature of diagnostic testing to inform robust strategic decisions

Data Solution

Testing Dashboard

Track 52 key success metrics for multiple brands, with out-of-the-box data visualizations and intuitive dashboards

Stay agile and informed to enhance, maintain and monitor test quality using intuitive digital dashboards

Identify key performance indicators and measure success of multiple brands simultaneously

Data Solution

Physician Mapping

Maximize access to your therapy by profiling and targeting physicians testing for your disease.

Our world-class data repository and analytical tools can help you understand how the most influential physicians make testing and treatment decisions for your disease or treatment type, as well as providing actionable data such as testing rates, and which labs are used.

Recent Network Partners

DXRX is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics