Patient Mapping User Interface

What is DXRX Patient Testing Journey?

DXRX Patient Testing Journey provides detailed data, analysis and qualitative insights on patient diagnostic journeys, enabling you to resolve an issue or inform brand strategies to reflect the market trends. DXRX Patient Testing Journey identifies and addresses suboptimal testing behaviors through deeper, actionable insights. 

Deeper insights

Through the application of machine learning standardization and expert labeling of proprietary data, we create Diagnostic Deductive Pathways (DDP®) to develop a real-world analysis of a patient's diagnostic journey at disease level

Optimized commercialization and forecasting

Develop accurate forecasting and increase market penetration by understanding the patient journey and addressing suboptimal testing behaviors

Reduce patient leakage

Understand the patient diagnostic journey in granular detail to identify and address points where patients may “leak” from the diagnostic journey and ultimately miss gaining access to an appropriate therapy

Support at every step

Our team of Data Analysts, with many years of experience in Precision Medicine and Machine Learning are available to support you through each step of your project from designing the business analytics to interpreting the outputs in the context of your business needs

Unlock access to a global network of diagnostic data to drive your commercialization decisions today

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