Laboratory Tech Support

Hands on troubleshooting and technical support designed to solve specific testing challenges in labs performing biomarker testing

Enabled by the DXRX Platform and a network of the industry's leading providers globally

Provide enhanced support mechanisms to the laboratories performing biomarker testing for your therapy brands

Technical support for laboratories as they are validating/verifying a new assay

Technical support for labs not covered by your chosen diagnostic partner

Enabled by a Network of Service Partners

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Laboratory Training

In-lab training and coaching services tailored to specific biomarker resting needs. Implemented by DXRX Network pathology experts in 51 countries globally

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Test Quality Assessment

Accredited EQA training and assessment for labs to maintain superior testing quality at critical stages throughout test development and commercialization. Enabled by industry leading EQA providers globally

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Test Report Optimization

In-lab implementation of best-in-class reporting of biomarker results to influence superior therapy decisions. Lorel ipsum

Services implemented via DXRX Marketplace