Epzicom/HLA B*5701

This case study highlights GSK's Epzicom and how, in some patients, it induced hypersensitivity which in turn contributed to a loss in market share. GSK initiated a hands-on study which showed that a diagnostic could be used to prevent the side effect of the drug. Alongside this, it prepared a major marketing campaign in the US to encourage adoption. This led to increased test demand and restored Epzicom's revenue growth. It will help you understand:
  • How GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) drugs containing abacavir (ABC) were discovered to induce hypersensitivity in a small number of patients
  • How the hypersensitivity scare meant that Gilead’s Truvada was able to capture a bigger share of the market
  • How hands-on use studies, to demonstrate unequivocally the role of the test in eliminating the abacavir hypersensitivity problem, helped to restore Epzicom's revenue growth
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