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Our global teams of diagnostic and laboratory experts from 23 countries around the world are making a difference, delivering on our mission to drive better testing and deliver better treatment. At Diaceutics our employees are empowered to take ownership of their personal development, encouraged to use strategic foresight in leadership decisions, to build positive working relationships through fun and productive engagements and to think independently like an entrepreneur where the best idea wins no matter who said it. Communication flow is a key part of our inclusive working culture where team building leads to camaraderie and trust between co-workers.


At Diaceutics, we believe the way to ensuring that a team is truly efficient is through the empowerment of our employees. We infuse our employees with confidence and charisma to work to the best of their ability within their teams. Employees are empowered and trusted to lead themselves and have input to directing their own career path.

Employees are empowered through transparency and communication, knowledge and insight into the core of the business, clarity of goals and objectives, training and development and much more. We communicate through a variety of methods to ensure that everyone is onboard (see Communications value).

We operate a robust Performance Management Framework ensuring that each individual contributes to the overall Company strategy and goals. This resulting sense of ownership, significance and competence encourages a ‘growth mindset’ and we believe in creating a culture of learning. Employee empowerment begins with training and each team member has a personal Development Plan to ensure continued progress and growth. This empowers our employees on a personal level whilst securing Diaceutics’ position at the cutting edge of the industry.

Appreciation, reward and recognition runs to the core of the Diaceutics culture.



At Diaceutics there is no shortage of company banter and fun interactions in our relaxed working environment. In spite of the broad geographic distribution of staff around the globe, we are a fun, tight knit community which leverages technology to stay in constant contact with each other. We also gather once a year in the same physical location to build our professional and personal relationships and strengthen the fabric of the Diaceutics Village. Together we have enjoyed everything from black tie events to long distance cycle rides, from escape room challenges to off-road driving. You can clearly see the fun in the gallery here.



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The entrepreneurial spirit of Diaceutics has been inherent in the culture since the company was founded. The initial idea on which the business was built, that better testing leads to better treatment outcomes, was a prescient concept before the wave of precision medicine arrived. Our diverse team of independent thinkers and voracious learners are constantly innovating our services, pursuing new ideas and cultivating entrepreneurial leadership to drive continued growth for the company. As our Chairwoman Julie Goonewardene says, “The best idea wins, no matter who said it.”



Communication is immensely important in any working environment however particularly so in a virtual Company working across numerous countries and cultures. At Diaceutics, we promote and encourage open communication at all levels across the business. So how do we overcome our geographical challenge? We ensure that communication is always at the forefront of our daily activities and we use a range of tools to ensure this happens.

We believe in and aim for transparency in everything we do and have numerous communication forums to ensure success e.g. regular Exco meetings, Senior Management Meetings, Townhall Company-wide meetings, Departmental Team meetings, 1-1 meetings in addition to numerous Group Chats to ensure a free flow of information. We use numerous forms of technology to enable this high level of communication throughout the year such as Skype, Outlook, Meet up, Webex amongst others in addition to our newly launched Intranet (Jostle) and existing Sharepoint facilities. There is no shortage of communication at Diaceutics and everyone has a voice that is valued. The importance of regular and close communication is evidenced by the commitment made across the Company for our All Company Meetings (ACM) where every single employee is invited to a face to face residential enabling direct contact with colleagues in an environment that allows each individual to be an integral part of the journey and share the vision with the development of our Corporate strategy and goals (see Fun vale above).



“Assume good intent from your colleagues”

“Culture is what you have when the leader leaves the room”

As a ‘virtual’ organization with the majority of team members working from home (and ‘on the road’), trust is at the core of the culture of Diaceutics.  Managers trust their team and team members trust their manager.  Any individual knows that if they are in a fix and need input from others to get a task over the line then all they need to do is ask, and someone will find the time to support them.  Highlighting that support is needed with a task is valued, not seen as a weakness.  Employees can trust their colleagues for support and this will be reciprocated.  The opinions of everyone count: “Best idea wins, no matter who said it” so everyone can trust that their input is valued.  Information discussed and decisions made at senior level meetings are influenced by and communicated back to the wider team.