Inform your targeted therapy commercialization strategy with Diaceutics’ competitive benchmarking reports

Diaceutics’ competitive benchmarking reports provide deep insights on the key players in the diagnostic space and the tactics being leveraged. This data provides invaluable competitive intelligence to help inform your test and therapy strategy.

Pharma Readiness for Diagnostic Integration 2017

This report asks which pharma companies are ready for diagnostic integration and draws on benchmarking and financial risk assessment. Its analyses of 23 companies, plus therapies on the market and in the pipeline, provide a 360° view of diagnostic-dependent therapy assets. It features big data and lab partnerships alongside therapy/diagnostic partnerships to reflect the evolution of precision medicine beyond molecular testing and makes considered predictions for the developing industry.

Personalized Healthcare Brand Index Surveillance; Pharma Communication Trends for Companion Testing

This report is a unique study of the communication styles pharma uses for targeted therapy. The goal of this report was to determine who is educating about personalized healthcare in connection with therapy branding (initially in oncology) and to understand how the testing narrative around a brand is shaping current and evolving brand strategies. It’s not concerned with right or wrong but about understanding a range of market activities, how and where investments in test communication are relevant and when and where they impact brand differentiation.

Pharma Readiness for Personalized Medicine Summary Report 2016

This report is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of pharma readiness to operate in a personalized medicine marketplace. It is a summary update to the 2015 Pharma Readiness for Personalized Medicine Report which examined how prepared pharmaceutical companies are for the emerging personalized medicine business model. This report specifically examines the revenue achievements and business shifts of fourteen top pharma companies over the course of 2015 compared with each of the last five years.

Pharma Readiness for Personalized Medicine 2010-2015

This Diaceutics benchmark report is an essential examination of the current pharmaceutical industry and its readiness to operate in a personalized medicine marketplace. It examines how ‘ready’ the industry is to translate and capitalize on new discoveries in biomarkers, furthering debate on the industry’s role in developing personalized medicine solutions. It points to the dominant oncology competitors, reveals how companies in other disease areas are diversifying and growing quickly with their personalized medicine approach, looks at recent partnering strategy and analyses why only a small number of companies are building the capability to lead.