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Diagnostic Planning

Ensuring that you have a well-integrated strategy with both the brand and the diagnostic is paramount to the successful launch of a targeted therapy. Diaceutics encourages our pharma customers to act as the architects of the diagnostic plan to ensure that all risks are identified, and all hurdles are addressed well in advance of commercialization.

Building the plan to integrate your diagnostic into the overall brand launch will directly affect the commercial success of your product. Each aspect needs to be considered, from strategy to tactics to scenarios to forecasting. Diaceutics will help you create the most comprehensive plan that leaves no stone unturned to ensure the diagnostic serves to enable the right therapy being prescribed for the right patient at the right time.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

As with any brand, the key to commercial success is a strong strategy. In precision medicine, introducing a diagnostic test alongside your brand does not necessarily complicate the process. Diaceutics helps build the diagnostic strategy as one of a number of strategic pillars, such as professional, consumer or payer strategies. Following the strategy, Diaceutics will determine the specific activities to address potential hurdles and estimate the investment requirements to build a robust tactical plan.

Launch Planning

Did you realize there are over 400 items to consider when getting ready to launch a diagnostic test into the market? Diaceutics can help you address all of them. We have supported every companion diagnostic test currently available at some stage throughout development and have been instrumental in supporting 6 of the last 12 targeted oncology drug launches. Planning is only as good as the execution. An effective launch can a have significant effect on the successful commercialization of your diagnostic test, which drives the best utilization for the medicine to ensure it gets to as many patients as possible.

Diagnostic Partner Selection

Successful partnerships between pharma and diagnostic companies are built using a strong, clearly-defined process that helps to avoid potential commercialization challenges. They require careful management and alignment, particularly now that regulatory bodies are moving towards a joint review of the diagnostic and therapy. Diaceutics can help you make a considered partnering decision by providing access to our index of diagnostic companies, ranked by technology and disease indication.

Financial Forecast

Diagnostic-enabled forecasting can provide vital information on future revenue and patient share losses or gains for a therapy. The Diaceutics Financial Planner is a dedicated planning tool that enables you to maximize your return on investment by accurately defining the budget you need to build diagnostics into your commercial strategy. Once the target metrics are supplied, the planner then simulates real market conditions.

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