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Diagnostic Reimbursement

Understand the reimbursement landscape across key global markets
to ensure the seamless adoption of your companion diagnostic test

Understanding the reimbursement landscape is critical for seamless adoption of diagnostic tests.  Each country has their own nuances and requirements depending on the payer system in place; public and/or private.  Diaceutics has considerable experience and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to ensure broad market access and favorable reimbursement for diagnostic tests across the top markets around the globe including the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

What is the current reimbursement status?

Diaceutics fully comprehends the requirements for diagnostic reimbursement across multiple technologies, including FISH, IHC, PCR and NGS, in all of the aforementioned markets. Reimbursement may change depending on the stage of a patient’s disease and there may be prior authorizations required in order for the test to be reimbursed. Providing the insights outlining specific payer policies for your diagnostic will help you plan accordingly to ensure seamless uptake at launch.

How is reimbursement achieved?

When you’ve seen one market, you’ve seen one market. In this dynamic space, each payer in every market approaches reimbursement differently. A Diaceutics reimbursement landscape report will break down every aspect of this process from who needs to approach the payers to knowing the evidence required to shedding light on the potential socio-economic or political influencers and if there is a required patient contribution to the process. Diaceutics and their experts follow these dynamic markets at the ground level and are aware of any changes as they evolve across all of these countries.

What are the likely reimbursement challenges?

Highlighting the challenges and opportunities is the cornerstone of any effective plan, so key barriers and drivers of reimbursement are the focal point of the landscape. Diaceutics will help you develop specific strategies and tactics to mitigate against any challenges, while fully optimizing the advantages related to your diagnostic test.

Case studies & Analogues

Derived from the more than 300 companion diagnostic projects delivered by Diaceutics over the years, we will share specific examples of how pharma companies have handled challenging situations to drive better companion diagnostic reimbursement. These real-world examples will help you determine the ideal path forward and understand the investments required for certain activities.

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