Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland interviews Diaceutics | Diaceutics

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland interviews Diaceutics

Each year nearly 80,000 cancer patients in the US could be missing out on receiving the right, potentially lifesaving treatment for their condition. Find out how we are changing that in our recent interview with Kathy Ireland.

About Diaceutics
Diaceutics is the diagnostic development and commercialization service provider. We have been leading this field for 13 years, entirely focused on the intersection between diagnostics and therapeutic decision making. We provide an end to end service that encompasses everything from understanding the diagnostic landscape to test implementation in treatment pathways. This is all enabled by a robust flow of data from the Diaceutics global laboratory network. Our ultimate goal is to drive better testing to enable better treatment decisions for patients.

  • Proven global market leader with experience of 300+ precision medicine projects
  • We have helped launch 6 out of the last 12 targeted oncology brands
  • Extensive coverage of Top 10 global markets: US, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Russia, Australia
  • Estimates indicate having improved testing for over 500,000 patients globally
  • We draw data from a global network of over 2,500 laboratories to facilitate diagnostic insights
  • We employ a leading global group of experts from the laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries

Media Contact
Rebecca McKnight
Tel: +353 1 215 7677
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