Labceutics About Us

Hello! We are Labceutics…

Labceutics is the implementation division of Diaceutics Group. We are a group of scientists, pathologists, biologists, lab managers, engineers and consultants all convinced that laboratories are the key stakeholder in enabling personalized medicine.

Labceutics was founded in 2010 with the vision of optimizing laboratory testing services to better enable physicians’ selection of therapy for patients. We have partnered with leading laboratories globally to understand the areas of unmet need and develop a suite of tools that are designed to optimize access to testing for physicians.

Labceutics works primarily with pharmaceutical brands that have a need to provide access to testing. To date, we have assisted 25 brands to develop and implement laboratory strategies, predominantly in oncology.

We are unique in the industry. At the core of our business is the desire to not only identify areas of unmet need, but to actually implement change in the existing laboratory infrastructure. Our people are deployed on the ground to engage with laboratories and work with them to optimize testing on behalf of our pharma clients.

Labceutics’ specific focus is on the development and implementation of companion and complementary diagnostic laboratory testing and related services that enable a high return on investment for targeted therapies.

The Labceutics approach is based on ‘observing in real-time from within the laboratory community’ versus an  ‘outside-in’ perspective or snap shots. While the latter often provides for excellent metrics, the former approach aims to understand marketplace behavior, provide key metrics and, at the same time, build the essential change management benchhead with future target laboratories. By treating laboratories as our partners (rather than an object of research), we gain real insight as to what is current today but possible tomorrow.

…and we think laboratories are really awesome!