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Your next step could be a graduate role with Diaceutics. We are actively hunting the best talent globally to help us achieve our mission to get patients better testing and better treatment. Check out our graduate opportunities and see which are the best match for your skills.

Student Testimonials

Anjum Banu Ismail - Data Science Student

“12 weeks of Internship with Diaceutics! The experience has been fun and educational at the same time. In Diaceutics, I have come across people who are enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge. The organization provides a conducive and employee-friendly work environment, as well as a platform to enhance knowledge and skills. It has never happened to me to work somewhere where people went out of their way to help me, both personally and professionally.  Diaceutics has set the bar on growth and improvement, and it always has an eye toward the future. Diaceutics also opened my eyes to the ways in which Data Science can help healthcare facilities with the right diagnosis and treatment. I am ecstatic to be a part of an organization where employee satisfaction, client satisfaction, and profitability all go hand in hand.”

Adam Semple - Data Analytics Student

“I was lucky enough to secure a placement with Diaceutics at the end of my MSc in Data Analytics. I can honestly say that my experience with the company and its employees has been fantastic from start to finish! On acceptance, we were brought to the offices for a meet, greet and overview of the company. I was immediately taken by the unique Diaceutics ethos, typified by their six-point acronym E.F.F.E.C.T, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere exuded by all. Although I was still a student, I immediately felt like a part of a team and was treated like any other member of staff that day and throughout my placement. It has opened my eyes to all the many possibilities and different areas that Data Analytics and Data Science can be implemented and influence. My project, “Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Diagnostic Testing Data”, was initially quite daunting; the sheer size of the data was something I had never worked with before, but the excellent on-boarding and outstanding guidance I received from my mentor and several other members of staff helped to make my project fun, exciting, and manageable. I was truly able to see how my work, if taken further, could one day impact people’s lives in a positive way. This project helped to hone my analytics abilities and introduced me to numerous new and exciting machine learning algorithms, and it provided me with invaluable experience of how to approach and work with ‘Big Data’. I would like to sincerely thank everyone I met at Diaceutics for their help and guidance throughout my time with them as an Analytics Intern and I couldn’t recommend Diaceutics enough to any future Data Analytics students considering them as an option for their Industry Based Placement Project.”

Conor McIlvenny - Data Analytics Student

“Doing my placement at Diaceutics has been a fantastic learning experience throughout the 12 weeks I've been here. From day 1 you realise how close knit everyone is in the company and how welcoming they are. This placement allowed me to work with a large amount of real data which I had not been used to before and to be able to get a glimpse into what the data team here at Diaceutics do on a daily basis and the data they work with. Throughout the placement, my supervisor was always on hand to help with any queries/questions I would have and would give helpful feedback which gave me the confidence to do my best work. I was able to learn about the data analytics tool KNIME and improve on my python and R programming skills while learning new techniques/methods like semi-supervised learning and Label Encoding. Being able to see what the other students from my course were doing through in person presentations was a great insight and gave me experience with presenting in front of a crowd but also getting to meet people in my class as covid meant our course was fully remote throughout. I have learnt and enhanced a lot of my key skills during this placement including communication through weekly meetings, time-management with project deadlines, presentation skills, programming experience and these will no doubt be very beneficial for my career in data analytics where I could be building predictive models with vast amounts of data or presenting results to clients.”

Sarah Varghese - Data Analytics Student

“The 12-week placement with Diaceutics has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. I had an opportunity to work on a project that uses Natural language processing to predict diseases from patient testing patterns. During the entire placement time period, I received continuous support and guidance from the Diaceutics team and the supervisor of my company. The placement has not only helped me to apply the skills I have learned in my Master’s course to real-world data but also taught me new data visualization techniques and improved my presentation skills. The internship was a valuable learning experience for me, and I believe it has prepared me well for a future job. It was also a fantastic chance to learn about the company's work culture, which is amazing. Every single individual I encountered at the organization was kind, courteous, and helpful. I am really grateful for the beneficial and enjoyable learning experience I had at Diaceutics.”

Student and Graduate Opportunities

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