Patient Mapping User Interface

Rapidly identify and educate physicians relevant to your therapy ensuring timely therapy awareness resulting in a potential increase in testing rates

Real-world data insights

Leverage the power of rapid and timely physician engagement with our direct-from-lab database enabling you to connect with relevant physicians in as little as 24 hours post-biomarker testing.

Precision medicine expertise

Harness our in-house precision medicine content writing expertise to create tailored educational messages to engage and target relevant physicians.

Drive testing rates

Increase testing rates by pinpointing and engaging relevant physicians treating therapy-eligible patients with a timely educational message on your therapy or test. 

Unlock the power of physician targeted digital engagement

Our real-time data and in-house precision medicine expertise were used to guide digital engagement strategies to identify and target relevant physicians, as presented in our ASCO 2024 poster:

  • 33% of physicians were successfully engaged during 4 week engagement campaign
  •  28% of physicians ordered the new test at least once during the 26-week period
  • 81 new therapy-eligible patients were identified
  • 52% of physicians ordered the novel biomarker test for the first time

Optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy with DXRX Physician Engage

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