What is DXRX Lab Quality Assessment?

DXRX Lab Quality Assessment provides pharmaceutical companies with the opportunity to support labs with participation in EQA programs to optimize biomarker testing and expedite commercial therapy and diagnostic launch

Promote education amongst labs

Pharmaceutical companies implementing a DXRX Lab Quality Assessment at pre-launch stages can promote education amongst labs on how to perform new tests and achieve high quality testing standards post launch

Standardization of Testing Practices

DXRX Lab Quality Assessment enables pharmaceutical companies to standardize testing across labs utilizing the DXRX lab network to reach labs globally and increase test awareness

Select the right EQA partner

The DXRX Tech Enabled Services team works with pharmaceutical companies to select the right EQA partner for their product, recruit labs to participate in the program and provide support and assistance to labs and pharma throughout the project

End-to-end project management

The Diaceutics team manages each project from EQA partner selection and lab recruitment to program execution and support with publication of results suitable for scientific presentations

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