Patient Mapping User Interface

What is DXRX Signal?

DXRX Signal delivers an actionable alert of a testing behavior that allows you to engage a physician whilst they are making treatment decisions, therefore maximizing the effectiveness of your brand sales and marketing


By receiving actionable alerts within as little as 48 hours, you can deliver the right message to the right physicians, at the optimum time. Engaging physicians with informed data insights before a treatment decision has been made will increase sales and ensure patients get the treatment they need

Broad coverage

DXRX Signal data is built on market leading real world diagnostic testing data directly from 494 labs including academic, community and commercial labs providing reliability and diversity. The data covers a wide range of conditions and diseases including oncology, rare diseases, auto-immune, cardiovascular and infectious diseases and enables clients with any therapeutic to benefit from DXRX Signal

Direct from lab data

Utilizing lab data is critical for providing the earliest identification of physicians with potentially eligible patients. By allowing you to follow the patient journey from initial testing to diagnosis and any changes to the patient response, enabling the specificity and focus for your targeting

Support at every step

Our team of Data Analysts, with many years of experience in Precision Medicine and machine learning are available to support you through each step of your project from designing the business analytics to interpreting the outputs in the context of your business needs

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