Tech Enabled Services Overview

Tech Enabled Services from Diaceutics are a suite of services to interface Pharmaceutical companies with clinical testing labs to provide enablement and educational services in novel biomarkers

Experience to drive outcomes

Utilizing Diaceutics' expertise in Precision Medicine and DXRX lab network, we construct and manage virtual advisory boards to drive strategic outcomes aligned to client project goals. Actionable insights are captured in evaluation reporting after the meeting

Increase your reach across multiple Precision Medicine Stakeholders

Engaging multiple Precision Medicine stakeholders including clinicians, pathologists, payers, patient advocacy groups and policy makers around utility of biomarker testing, testing pathways or reimbursement sources

Creating collaboration between Pharmaceutical companies and the lab community

Create and enable a valuable interface for pharmaceutical companies with the lab community and Key Opinion Leaders to explore and reveal new insights essential to commercialization and development of a therapy or companion diagnostic

Select the right EQA partner

DXRX Tech Enabled Services (TES) team work with pharmaceutical companies to select the right EQA partner for their product, recruit labs to participate in the program and provide support and assistance to labs and pharma throughout the project

Promote education among labs on new tests at pre-launch stages

Promote education among labs at pre-launch stages on how to perform new tests and achieve high quality testing standards post-launch

Engage with labs to promote awareness around new biomarkers and technologies

Access a range of direct-to-labs outreach campaigns to promote knowledge and awareness around new biomarkers, technologies and how to implement successful testing

DXRX is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics

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