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Shilpa Haridas

Shilpa co-leads client projects and engages with test providers to understand the real world barriers that could impede uptake of precision medicine. Shilpa has academic and professional qualifications in biochemistry and genetics and 10 years’ experience working in a diagnostic genetics service. Her expertise is in molecular genetic laboratory techniques, particularly validation and implementation of services.

Sheffield, UK

Client Operations

Peter Krein, PhD Managing Director
Jordan Clark, MPhil Managing Director
Marcos Tadeu dos Santos Senior Director
Dave Smart Director
Marianne Fillion Director Market Research
Andrea Jack Director
Pilar Camacho Leal Associate Director
Marianna Sciortino Associate Director
Marieke Hoefsmit Associate Director
Ewelina Golebiewska, PhD Associate Director
Alvin Yin Associate Director
Jodie Mills Associate Director
Joanne Wilton Team Co-Ordinator