Open source resources to support pharmaceutical and diagnostic executives launching targeted therapies

Belfast, United Kingdom, May 14, 2015 – Diaceutics, a dedicated integrator in personalized and precision medicine, leveraging analytics, software, services and consulting to enable the effective integration of therapies and diagnostics into the treatment pathway, today announced its Iceutics division has launched open source access to expert resources in personalized medicine to support the industry in planning, launching and commercializing targeted therapies.

“The pharmaceutical industry’s targeted therapy pipeline, a therapy linked to a diagnostic or a biomarker, is estimated to be at 75% according to recent reports and is increasing each year,” said Sanna Paakkonen, Managing Director, Iceutics. “As President Obama’s recent commitment at the State-of-the-Union highlights, precision medicine is a reality and an opportunity for the healthcare industry.”

However, there is a major gap across the industry in terms of business knowledge and expertise in bringing these targeted therapies to market. “Our goal is to provide deep evidence based insights into the workings of personalized medicine, designed to help executives consistently deliver a superior return on investment on their personalized medicine investments. These insights are critical in planning and implementing both targeted therapies and related diagnostics from early development to commercial management.”

The Iceutics site is geared to help the industry better understand personalized medicine and the competitive, regulatory, marketing and general industry dynamics involved in launching a targeted therapy. In today’s environment, asset teams need to understand how a biomarker-guided approach can increase overall ROI and consider what questions to be asking along the commercialization pathway in terms of biomarker/test development and clinical testing.

The site will also help inform the key timelines to be aware of when developing and launching a targeted therapy linked with a biomarker or diagnostic. Based on the specific position on the lifecycle planning, functional area and disease of interest, the site will provide key questions that help in identifying the pain points along the commercialization pathway. In addition, the site will provide ongoing competitor benchmarking in personalized medicine.

With open source access and given the vast amount of information about personalized medicine that exists today, the site was designed to enable users to quickly narrow down relevant information based on each user’s need and function, including access to:

  • Over 150 case studies across 11 functional areas
  • Over 60 deep insights across 20 topic areas
  • Over 400 key business questions across the Rx/Dx lifecycle
  • Over 20 worktools across 250 integration workstreams
  • Over 1000 up-to-date data metrics from personalized medicine competitors and stakeholders
  • Laboratory analytics from 60 million healthcare transactions annually

Iceutics’ open source expert resources are underpinned by the Diaceutics Method®, a proven integrated personalized (precision) medicine planning and implementation method. Designed for therapy and diagnostic teams who need to navigate the complexities of combining testing and therapy into a treatment pathway, Diaceutics Method® helps teams to understand and integrate testing along the lifecycle development model, from the early planning stages to commercial implementation.

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Diaceutics is transforming an industry model by enabling pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their market penetration and achieve a better return on new drugs by helping them to radically improve their patient testing. It does this by allowing them access to real-time testing data from its worldwide laboratory network, which helps them understand and leverage the diagnostic landscape and segment physicians by their testing behavior. The company leads the top 10 global markets in its cancer-related therapy area, with a 60% market share and experience of more than 200 drug launches. Eight out of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies are clients and it currently analyses 80% of testing data in the US in its selected cancer related therapy areas. The company employs the leading global group of experts from the laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

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