Diaceutics can help you understand the laboratory landscape, testing volumes, testing rates and test methodologies, all of which are critical for seamless access to testing.

For pharmaceutical companies looking to introduce a new diagnostic test for their targeted therapy and ensure seamless access to testing for prescribers, a comprehensive review of the current laboratory landscape will identify gaps and opportunities to optimize the testing environment and identify physicians prescribing the test.

Mapping the laboratory landscape:

  • We have mapped all key markets to provide an in-depth understanding of how laboratory testing is being performed;
  • Our coverage ranges from 85% to 99% per market;
  • We provide quantitative data on test volumes, biomarker positivity, test methodologies and turnaround time;
  • We offer in-depth analysis outlining risks and opportunities.

What We Can Tell You About Each Laboratory

Full Test and Platform Offering Which tests does the laboratory perform and on which platforms? Preference for LDT/Kit?
Turnaround Time How long does it take the laboratory to perform the test and what is the total time required to get the result?
Referral Network Both HCP and reference laboratory network referrals
Specific Test Volume How many tests are the laboratory performing per month for routine testing?
Biomarker Positivity What percentage of tests are positive, broken down by mutation?
Test Reporting How is the lab reporting the test result to the HCP?