Education, Raising Awareness and Reducing Test Turnaround Time Increases Number of Patients Treated with New Targeted Therapy - Diaceutics

Education, Raising Awareness and Reducing Test Turnaround Time Increases Number of Patients Treated with New Targeted Therapy

1: Situation

Diaceutics was engaged by a client planning to launch a precision therapy for a rare blood cancer that improved overall survival. It was known that a third of the patients diagnosed each year possessed the therapy’s associated biomarker and would benefit from the drug and, therefore, required diagnostic testing.

2: Problem

Physicians and labs were not generally aware that a recently developed targeted therapy initiated a new use for an existing biomarker test that required getting diagnostic test results within the first week of diagnosis for maximum effectiveness of treatment.

3: Solutions

  • Landscape: The client asked Diaceutics to map the current testing landscape for this rare blood cancer therapy. Using the data set acquired from laboratories, Diaceutics determined that only 50% of patients were being tested across 90 laboratories, halving the potential sales of the new therapy, while missing a significant portion of the eligible patient population.
  • Implementation: Diaceutics was then contracted to implement a quality program to improve the real testing environment in this rare blood cancer and support the diagnostic launch, including:
    • Executing a peer-to-peer education program.
    • Developing educational materials for the pharma company sales team to use with key customers and laboratories.
  • Tracking: Diaceutics tracked changes to the testing landscape for this rare blood cancer, revealing a 55% increase of the number of labs conducting testing, and an increase in the overall number of patients tested by nearly 30%.

4: Global Impact

Within the first few months after launch, Diaceutics helped decrease the test turnaround time to less than one week, enabling the best treatment decision to be made, increased overall testing rates and provided broad education on the updated clinical utility of testing, all of which resulted in the identification of nearly 1000 additional patients eligible for therapy compared to original expectations. Repeating this program in several other countries generated nearly 30% more annual revenue for the client.

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