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Oncology Shaping the Future of Personalized Healthcare: How Cancer Drug Development Holds the Key to Success for Precision Therapeutic Approaches

October 25th, 2013

Pharmaphorum media

Early in 2013, pharmaphorum filmed a round table debate exploring how developments in personalized healthcare cancer treatments are defining the future for this area beyond oncology. In this white paper, which accompanies the broader video and written media from this debate, the transcript of the full one hour discussion is provided.

In July 2013, four expert representatives from the pharma industry, diagnostics manufacturers, clinicians and patients came together to discuss the topic, ‘Oncology shaping the future of personalised healthcare’, exploring how cancer drug development holds the key to success for precision therapeutic approaches. The resultant debate was filmed and is the video is available via pharmaphorum, in addition to individual pieces with each participant. This white paper presents the transcript from the full discussion.

This white paper will allow you to: 

  •  Understand perceptions of personalized healthcare and what it has already achieved in oncology.
  •  Assess what challenges are presented within healthcare systems to its implementation.
  •  Explore how the pharma industry is adapting to accelerate personalized healthcare.
  •  Read expert perspectives on the future of this space in oncology and beyond.

Follow the link to ‘Download the white paper’: http://www.pharmaphorum.com/media/com_content/whitepaper/2001_oncology%20shaping%20the%20future%20of%20personalised%20healthcare%20oct13.pdf


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