Patient Mapping User Interface

What is DXRX Physician Mapping?

DXRX Physician Mapping examines physician testing behavior (US only) using patient level data to determine testing rates, methodology and the physician to lab relationship. DXRX Physician Mapping highlights suboptimal testing behaviors such as reduced testing rates, slow turnaround time or wrong testing methods and enables the comparison of biomarker testing rates

Optimized commercial success

For pharma, DXRX Physician Mapping identifies which physicians are ordering their test and which labs physicians are ordering from to better inform commercialization strategies

Precise physician targeting

DXRX Physician Mapping enables pharma to target and segment physicians with appropriate messaging and marketing campaigns informed by a monthly data feed of claims data

Reduce suboptimal testing behaviors

DXRX Physician Mapping delivers detailed knowledge of testing behaviors to understand testing rates and methodology and identify suboptimal testing behaviors

Support at every step

Our team of Data Analysts, with many years of experience in Precision Medicine and machine learning, are available to support you through each step of your project from designing the business analytics to interpreting the outputs in the context of your business needs

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