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ASCO Daily Highlights: Friday 31st May

1 June, 2024

ASCO daily highlights: Friday 31st May

Our team on the ground share 5 key highlights from an exciting first day at ASCO:

  1. Promising clinical data from metastatic melanoma (phase II KEYNOTE-942) suggests that the addition of a personalized neoantigen mRNA vaccine to standard adjuvant pembrolizumab may provide clinical benefit compared with pembrolizumab alone. It is critical for pharma to partner with a proficient testing/diagnostic provider, to effectively harness the potential of neoantigen mRNA vaccines, ensuring accurate neoantigen identification and reliable clinical outcomes.

  2. The effective use of advanced data science in healthcare can revolutionize the way medical data is managed and utilized, leading to more efficient, timely, and high-quality patient care via stimulated cross-functional communication among HCPs, reduced time from testing to diagnosis and improved patient outcome.

  3. The 5-year analysis of the CROWN trial shows that Lorlatinibtreatment produces the longest progression-free survival observed in ALK-positive NSCLC, further establishing Lorlatinib as the preferred first-line treatment for patients with metastatic ALK-positive NSCLC.

  4. Amivantamabcombined with Lazertinib represents a promising new standard of care for the first-line treatment of EGFR mutant NSCLC, particularly for high-risk subgroups. However, defining an optimal panel of biomarkers for treatment stratification is essential to help identify molecular subsets of NSCLC that can be matched with targeted therapies, thereby improving outcomes across all subsets.

  5. Subcutaneous (SC) dosing of amivantamabshould is favored over intravenous (IV) dosing in treating refractory EGFR-mutated, advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as it can reduce treatment time and clinical toxicity, thereby improving patient outcomes and care efficiency.

Stay tuned to our for more daily highlights at ASCO!

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Educational session “State-of-the-Art Advancements in Adjuvant Cancer Vaccines and Biomarkers”; abstract LBA9512“Individualized neoantigen therapy mRNA-4157 (V940) plus pembrolizumab in resected melanoma: 3-year update from the mRNA-4157-P201 (KEYNOTE-942) trial”.

Abstract 1100 “Shareable artificial intelligence to extract cancer outcomes from electronic health records”; abstract 11001 “Efficacy of eSyM: Acute care utilization among patients with cancer who do versus do not report ePROs”; abstract 11002 “An AI-assisted navigation approach for patients with radiographic suspicion of new pancreas cancer”

Abstract LBA8503 “Lorlatinib vscrizotinib in treatment-naïve patients with advanced ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer: 5-year progression-free survival and safety from the CROWN study”

Abstract 8504 “Amivantamabplus lazertinib vsosimertinib in first-line EGFR-mutant advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with biomarkers of high-risk disease: A secondary analysis from the phase 3 MARIPOSA study”

Abstract LBA8505 “Subcutaneousamivantamabvs intravenous amivantamab, both in combination with lazertinib, in refractory EGFR-mutated, advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): Primary results, including overall survival (OS), from the global, phase 3, randomized controlled PALOMA-3 trial”

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