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Culture Values Relaunch at Diaceutics

9 June, 2022

Our people are pivotal.

Since its inception in 2005, Peter Keeling, founder and CEO has always believed that for Diaceutics to succeed there should be a big focus on internal culture and values:

Culture is at the essence of Diaceutics. A successful workplace is built on culture, not strategy. Strategy ensures your workplace has a path to success and longevity, but culture is what determines if that path is followed and achieved. 

At Diaceutics, we recognize that the nexus of any workplace, is that employees determine success. Without them, the mission, products, services, and strategy would not be possible, and it is therefore essential that employees work in an environment that provides them with opportunities to thrive.

Justin Lehman, DXRX Lab Relations Manager, noted that the culture of Diaceutics was a crucial element to him:

Our culture is special because it’s built on a deep, genuine trust between global professionals who collectively own and share the mission ‘to drive better care for patients.’ This strong foundation is critical to everyone’s wellbeing and success.

Given the importance of culture in Diaceutics, we dedicated a cross-functional and global group comprised of 14 individuals, to ensure our Diaceutics culture evolves and grows as we evolve and grow as a business. An important milestone for Diaceutics has been the launch of the DXRX platform in October 2020. Prior to that event, we recognized ourselves as a village, because of the size of the company and the type of business we had, where everyone was involved in many different areas. Once DXRX was launched, the company started a continuous growth both in terms of employee numbers and type of products enabled by the DXRX platform. This has led to more complexity and specialization within the company with a new structure and therefore we transitioned from a village to a Diaceutics community.

The Culture Ambassadors are here to nurture and develop our culture in a collaborative way with our Diaceutics people, ensuring each person has a voice as our culture is demonstrated and lived by our people every day. Our people make the Diaceutics EFFECT values and therefore each employee had an opportunity to feed into our culture and values.

From listening to our people, Empathy was seen as a key value that should now be included in the Diaceutics EFFECT values.

Rory Curley, Head of Project Management and Culture Ambassador explains why Empathy was added:

Our data is central to our product offerings, but arguably the employees of Diaceutics are our most important assets. Therefore, we need to create a safe environment where everyone can contribute, feel valued, have a voice, and is cared for. This applies peer-to-peer as well as from a leadership perspective. It is really important that we assume positive intent and use our emotional intelligence when living our daily lives at Diaceutics and demonstrate Empathy as a key driver of our culture.

So, the EFFECT tree was born….

The tree itself stands for the company as a whole and the culture of our six-core values function as the trunk of the tree. The core values are what we expect each of our employees to live by. We also have our corporate pillars, which act as the environment for our tree to thrive.

Diaceutics community is Empowered to explore new ideas and paths, and to develop new solutions for our pharma clients and lab partners. By applying Foresight, innovative and entrepreneurial skills we can lead at the forefront of Precision Medicine. Fun is what makes life working at Diaceutics so special as it is the fuel of what we do, both internally and externally. Special care for Empathy allows us to create an open environment for working together, being listened to, and understood, even when working remotely. Communication has a special place at Diaceutics, being key across all our interactions, where we assume positive intent which leads to widespread Trust across our community.

Recently we launched our values with a big internal event, which brought employees together from across the globe to focus on our values with activities and celebrations. This also gave employees the opportunity to share their own personal encounter of the Diaceutics Culture and how it has impacted on their working life.

Catarina Veiga, Senior Commercial Director, DXRX Services, reflected on the event:

The event was highly engaging and fun – great way to keep growing our culture and showing that our values are meant to be lived to the fullest

Diaceutics believe by fostering this culture it will continue to flourish as a fantastic place to work; raising morale, increasing productivity, helping our growth by attracting the best talent and clients and ultimately helping us to achieve mission of creating ‘Better Testing. Better Treatment’ for all patients across the globe.

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At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

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