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Diaceutics announces the launch of its real-time Test Signal service in the US

9 December, 2021

Diaceutics PLC, (AIM: DXRX), the diagnostic commercialisation company, is pleased to announce the  launch of its real-time Test Signal service in the US. Test Signal alerts a pharma customer when a  patient tests positive for a biomarker linked to the profile of therapeutic linked to the pharmaceutical  company. This information can now be provided within days of the test result being recorded by  laboratories linked to this new service. Test Signal allows the opportunity for real time identification  of patients eligible for treatment and follow up by the pharmaceutical company’s marketing  organisation. This will allow quicker and better support to biomarker testing, allowing earlier  treatment with the most appropriate drug treatment sooner.

Test Signal was previously available as a monthly report. However, with the additional investment Diaceutics’ has made, Test Signal alert is now available as a real time report further enhancing the  DXRX Diaceutics Commercialisation Platform. This service now adds to the comprehensive suite of  modules now being offered by Diaceutics, on a subscription basis. Work is now nearing completion  for additional modules that will join Test Signal on the DXRX Commercialisation Platform.  

Test Signal was trialled prior to launch with key Pharma clients from the beginning of November 2021 and the Company is delighted to report that it has already secured six multiyear data subscriptions for  the service. This opens up a new revenue stream for Diaceutics which will be added to as the  Commercialisation Platform matures, underpinning the Company’s confidence in achieving sustained  long-term growth. 

Peter Keeling, CEO and Founder of Diaceutics, commented: “The launch of Test Signal represents another big step on our journey towards platformisation of our  business model and delivery of recurring, high margin and scalable multi year subscription revenues. The provision of this sophisticated real time patient testing data has been made possible by our  investments in DXRX. Test Signal supports our Pharma clients and their physicians by identifying patient cohorts eligible for treatment sooner than is currently practicable and where treatment can be  more effective, a key goal for all involved in precision medicine. We have been delighted by the swift  adoption of the service by both existing and new pharma customers.”  


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About Diaceutics

At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

Diaceutics has worked on every precision medicine brought to market and provides services to 36 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have built the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500 labs in 51 countries.

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