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Diaceutics’ Impact of ESGO and ICCR guidelines study extended to UK. Full report available on DXRX.

29 July, 2021

The highly revealing and successful ESGO and ICCR guidelines study as run previously in Spain has now been extended to the UK with a number of NHS hospital trust labs participating in it.

The study again focused on the analysis of MMR and MSI biomarkers in endometrial cancer samples and the data was collected by inviting all participating labs to an online questionnaire.

The questionnaire was sent to hospital pathology labs with the study having the broad aims of evaluating current practices in UK laboratories in the analysis of MMR and MSI biomarkers in cases of Endometrial cancer.

According to the study results, in the laboratories participating , MMRd analysis by IHC was performed in 100% of Endometrial Cancer samples.

Key findings of the UK Study

  • The most frequent strategy for the analysis of MMRd in endometrial cancer is the IHC of the four
    proteins (PMS-2, MSH-6, MSH-2, MLH-1)
  • MSI analysis by molecular method in endometrial cancer is rare and restricted to some circumstances
  • The analysis of p53 in endometrial cancer is carried out in all cases

Of further interest was that based on the data collated from participating labs, in the UK, the British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists (BAGP) guidelines are used by most when analysing biomarkers in Endometrial cancer.

The study originally run in Spain and now extended to UK is also being run in Italy and Switzerland to compare practices across these specifically targeted countries.

Get more information about trends on biomarker testing on endometrial cancer in the full report* available exclusively to DXRX members.
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