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Gain valuable insights from DXRX – The Diagnostic Network® data to commercialise your therapy

29 March, 2022

Diaceutics provides the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with an end-to-end solution for the launch of Precision Medicine diagnostics enabled by DXRX – The Diagnostic Network.®  DXRX is the world’s first diagnostic commercialization platform for Precision Medicine, integrating multiple pipelines of real-world diagnostic testing data from a global network of labs. Through the application of machine learning standardization and expert labelling of our proprietary data, Diaceutics can create an accurate, real-world picture of patients diagnostic journey and from that identify the best possible testing journey or “Diagnostic Deductive Pathways (DDPs®) for patients at disease level, providing the industry with a guide to getting the right medicines to the right patients, faster. 

What are Diagnostic Deductive Pathways (DDPs)? 

Healthcare data is fragmented in nature and as such it is difficult to draw insights from its raw form. Diagnostic Deductive Pathways are derived from the expert labelling and standardization of millions of real-world diagnostic testing data points via our DXRX platform. The raw data is sourced from multiple pipelines of claims, lab results and diagnostic profiling meta data from a global network of academic, community and reference laboratories. Once standardized and labelled, machine learning and AI are used to organize into patient pathways (DDPswhich track a patients testing status and other relevant stakeholders like labs and physicians, both in real time, and back as far as nine years.   

Diaceutics use DDPs to derive multiple real-world insights across all key stakeholders involved in patient testing, for example we can identify patients within that data with specific diseases or who have received certain biomarker tests including their positivity status or identify cohorts of patients within a disease by stage, treatment pathway or molecular subtypes.  

Why are DDPs important? 

With the emergence of precision medicine, it has become apparent that for many patients an improved outcome is possible when drugs are targeted towards a specific feature or biomarker of their disease. This has resulted in many subgroups of a given disease emerging, our DDPs allow us to identify the key subgroups at the right time to help direct them to the right therapy.  For example, we can observe from our DDPs that patients with breast cancer (a large and diverse group of patients), will go down many different patient pathways which may delay their access to the right therapy. When we apply our DDPs, we can label the stage of disease, treatment pathway and molecular subtype of breast cancer. Consequently, our DDPs allow to focus on, for example, the metastatic second line triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients.  

Our DDPs allow us to drill down into our data and focus our analysis on these selected patient cohorts providing more valuable insights, for example, into the current testing pattern and treatment pathways followed. 

How do we use our DDPs? 

Every data driven project within Diaceutics employs the use of DDPs since they provide us a real-world view of all the stakeholders involved in patient testing as well as the patients testing journey itself. Projects including Lab Mapping or Physician Mapping utilise labelling of diseases and biomarkers by DDPs built on diagnosis and procedure codes to facilitate the rapid discovery of insights from our healthcare data. In DXRX Signal projects, the use of DDPs aids in locating patient groups within result-level data and furthermore, those who have a positive result for a key actionable mutation as recently as the previous seven days. Positive cases can then be matched to a targeted therapy that they are most likely to respond to in a time-sensitive manner. All DDP organization is managed within the DXRX platform. Major benefits of this include the standardisation and quality control of data across Diaceutics, rapid and timely analysis for our customers and the flexibility to integrate insights into customers digital systems. 

DDPs power our products 

Data Solution: Lab Mapping  
Maximize access to your therapy by identifying which labs are testing for your biomarker in your target regions and increase access to your therapy by identifying additional labs that could support testing for your biomarker in your target markets. Our lap mapping solution will help you to understand the current landscape and monitor the evolving nature of diagnostic testing to inform robust strategic decisions. 

How it works? 
If a client has a drug asset for metastatic lung cancer and they want to know the market share for EGFR in that setting and understand the lab capabilities of those labs – we would offer our Lap Mapping solution. Our DDPs allow us to identify the metastatic lung cancer patients specifically and not just the total prevalent lung cancer cohort making the analysis much more robust and focused to their patient cohort. The metastatic signal does not get drowned out by the full patient cohort signal, as primary and metastatic patients will undergo a vastly different patient journey and are distinct disease groups. 

Data Solution: DXRX Signal 
DXRX Signal is a data subscription that enables identification of patients eligible for treatment. This will allow quicker and better support to biomarker testing, allowing earlier treatment with the most appropriate treatment. DXRX Signal provides a signal or alert that informs you that a specific physician (NPI) has a patient that may be eligible (CDx or just diagnosis). This information can be provided within days of the test result being recorded by labs.  

How it works? 
The client has a drug asset for PIK3CA mt+ HR+/HER2- breast cancer patients and wants to understand how many patients are tested each month and of those patients how many are positive and therefore suitable candidates for their therapy.  Across hundreds of labs, our DDPs allow us to define what a PIK3CA test is and in addition, what a positive result is defined as. There are often hundreds of ways of defining positive results and our DDPs allow us to identify the key actionable alterations and define how they relate to the on-label use of the therapy. 

In conclusion, our DDP’s allow us to identify specific patient cohorts and the key actionable biomarker alterations, which is the focus of precision medicine. Where we previously looked at lung cancer, our clients are asking for 2L ALK+ metastatic lung cancer, something that is not currently possible with traditional disease and biomarker coding alone. 

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At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

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