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LAG-3: new biomarker under investigation in immuno-oncology

31 May, 2019

LAG-3, or lymphocyte activation gene 3, is a prominent new biomarker currently being researched in immuno-oncology. LAG-3 is an immune checkpoint receptor protein located on the cell surface of certain T cells involved in the immune response.1 LAG-3 expression is associated with T cell desensitization, which results in the progressive loss of the ability to trigger an immune response.In cancer, LAG-3–expressing cells cluster at tumor sites.3,4  

Preclinical studies have shown that the inhibition of LAG-3 improves T cell ability to coordinate immune response.5 Additionally, combining the inhibition of LAG-3 with other immune pathways (eg, anti-programmed cell death-1 [PD-1], anti-PD-1 ligand expression [PD-L1] checkpoint inhibitors) in order to promote anti-tumor activity is another therapeutic approach currently under investigation.

search of LAG-3 in the 2019 ASCO Abstracts database revealed multiple studies on this promising biomarker are underway. 


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