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New Digital Solution Helps Pharma Maximize Precision Medicine Launches and Achieve Peak Therapy Prescription Numbers

17 December, 2020

Patient testing is critical and pivotal in Precision Medicine. Accurate testing is what maximizes the potential of Precision Medicine. That potential plays out in improved health outcomes and ultimately, saved lives. For this to happen, patients must receive the right diagnostic tests (e.g., companion diagnostics [CDxs]) at the right time so that they can access life-saving treatments.

However, optimal patient access to tests is not currently happening in the realm of clinical diagnostic testing. The right tests are not reaching the entirety of their target patient populations. The result is suboptimized diagnostic testing in which approximately 50% of patients miss out on the right tests and, therefore, the right treatments each year.1  

What does suboptimized diagnostic testing mean for pharma?

For pharma, suboptimized diagnostic testing, and the consequent patient leakage, results in the annual loss of half of the potential revenue in Precision Medicine sales.1 Sales revenue is lost every day simply because tests associated with particular therapies are not being performed on the entirety of the target populations for these treatments.

Why are the right tests not reaching the right patients?

Multiple hurdles in the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem prevent the right tests from reaching the right patients. One of the main hurdles to optimized test adoption is the lack of awareness about tests linked to therapies. As a result, once a therapy is launched on the market, it typically takes up to 4.5 years before physicians and labs have enough of an understanding of the therapy to reach acceptable biomarker adoption of 80%.1  So when therapies guided by a test are launched, maximal distribution to target patient populations cannot ensue as these populations are not being accurately identified.

Other factors in the current clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem aiding and abetting this prevalent lack of awareness include regulatory, reimbursement, and standardization barriers riddling local markets and impeding Precision Medicine launches everywhere. These and many other hurdles continue to impede the progress of Precision Medicine today, leaving pharma and fellow stakeholders stymied in a broken clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem. (Click here to download the Pharma Precision Medicine Readiness Report 2020: NSCLC—An Axis for Change and learn more about the many hurdles beleaguering the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem.)

How can hurdles in the clinical diagnostic testing ecosystem impede a Precision Medicine launch? 

Simply put, these hurdles can prevent Precision Medicine treatments from achieving peak therapy prescription numbers. 

But pharma does not have to settle for a 50% return on investment any longer.

How can pharma maximize Precision Medicine launches and achieve peak therapy prescription numbers?

Today pharma has a new solution to help maximize Precision Medicine launches and achieve peak therapy prescription numbers. This solution is DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®. An end-to-end solution delivering everything from biomarker discovery to in-market test availability, DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® provides vital aid to pharma in the delivery of seamless diagnostic testing for Precision Medicines—leading to the achievement of peak therapy prescription rates as soon as possible in a treatment’s lifecycle. DXRX - The Diagnostic Network® can help pharma achieve peak therapy prescription rates as early as possible in your treatment’s lifecycle by removing barriers to testing adoption in local markets such as regulatory, reimbursement and standardization.

Click here to find out more about how pharma can maximize Precision Medicine launches and achieve peak therapy prescription numbers with the help of  DXRX - The Diagnostic Network®.


  1. Diaceutics Data on File. Diaceutics’ Data Repository unpublished data, 2020.

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