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The benefit to laboratories in collaborating on DXRX – The Diagnostic Network®

8 February, 2021

At Diaceutics we are laboratory people who understand the real-world challenges faced by laboratories every day. With decades of clinical experience in the laboratory setting, our Global Laboratory team are dispersed across EU, the US and Asia to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of each of our laboratory partners via the world’s first diagnostic network for precision medicine – DXRX. Launched in October 2020, DXRX has been designed to place laboratories at the center of a precision medicine network by facilitating live collaboration between pharma, labs and diagnostic companies to solve real-world testing issues.

Enabled by a growing network of industry leading service providers in precision medicine diagnostics including Histocyte Laboratories, Targos Molecular Pathology, EMQN CIC, CPQA-AQCP, NordiQC and UKNEQAS ICC & ISH, Diaceutics can now deliver in-lab and digital solutions such as test standardization, reimbursement, regulatory support and External Quality Assessment (EQA) for participating laboratories via the platform, enabling laboratories to:

  • Profile their organization on a secure platform to find the right commercial opportunities, without the busy work
  • Be the first to know about biomarker launches to reduce delays in adopting new tests
  • Access hands on support to improve quality standards for specific biomarker testing
  • Reduce overhead costs by streamlining testing practices and methodologies

Collaborations on DXRX marketplace are now open to new laboratories with several collaboration opportunities currently recruiting for the last remaining places.

To register your interest in joining these FREE collaborations, find out more here to receive a demo from a member of our Global Laboratory Team.

HistoCyte PD-L1 testing review - PD-L1 control block and lab benchmark report for a peer review publication

PD-L1 control block and lab benchmark report for a peer review publication

This collaboration will be used to generate information for a peer reviewed article that focuses on the identification of barriers for optimal and consistent use of PD-L1 testing across multiple indications, clones and platforms. Content will be presented in an aggregated and anonymized manner.

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EMQN CIC Oncopanel EQA program

Enrollment onto the Oncopanel 20 EQA module for NGS/RT-PCR lung biomarkers testing

Recent therapeutic developments in NGS are revolutionizing biomarker detection in oncology however, only a slow transition towards the use of comprehensive genomic assessment has been observed irrespective, of the fact that many labs are equipped with these NGS platforms.

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UKNEQAS ICC and ISH Mismatch Repair (MMR) Proteins EQA program

Enrollment onto the international MMR EQA module from UKNEQAS

Germline mutations in DNA MMR proteins are one of the molecular fingerprints of Lynch syndrome; somatic mutations in these proteins are also associated with neoplastic conditions such as colorectal cancer and endometrial cancers. As more cancers are linked to these proteins, their importance as precision medicine biomarkers continues to grow.

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CPQA NTRK IHC Proficiency Testing

Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance Collaboration

In recent years, NTRK gene fusions have emerged as targets for cancer therapy due to advancing sequencing technologies. Globally, more labs are now testing for NTRK which means there is a growing demand for a robust Proficiency Testing (PT) program in this area.

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At Diaceutics we believe that every patient should get the precision medicine they deserve. We are a data analytics and end-to-end services provider enabled by DXRX - the world’s first Network solution for the development and commercialization of precision medicine diagnostics. 

Diaceutics has worked on every precision medicine brought to market and provides services to 36 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have built the world’s largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500 labs in 51 countries.

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