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17 August, 2022

The evolution of Precision Medicine in recent years has placed a strong focus on biomarker testing and transformed how we understand diseases and which therapy is likely to be the most effective course of treatment for patients. Biomarker testing can provide an insight into the genomic profile of the patient or their disease. This is an essential part of the healthcare system as the focus on Precision Medicine continues to grow and therapies become more personalized for patients.  

For pharma companies, this means that launch strategies must also become more personalized. To develop this, it is important to gain an understanding of the testing landscape for their required indications as this enables teams to confidently develop strategies and forecast based on accurate insights into the current testing environment. Traditionally, this data has been difficult to obtain and often results in the collection of testing rate data that can be inconsistent or outdated. Diaceutics recognized that pharma clients were struggling to obtain reliable testing rate data and developed a data solution in response.   

The DXRX Disease Testing Rate Tracker is a dashboard showing biomarker testing rates at a national level. The Disease Testing Rate Tracker uses Deductive Diagnostic Pathways (DDPs®) by applying machine learning and expert labeling of proprietary data to deliver detailed and consistent data, ensuring specificity to the target patient cohort of interest. This enables commercial and data teams to accurately forecast and track changes in the market as it progresses, (monthly in the US and quarterly Rest of World), rather than traditional research methods of using primary market research or epidemiological studies to acquire testing rates.  

Accessing recent biomarker testing rates answers questions that teams often struggle with surrounding the market landscape, product uptake and competitor market share. The tracker can be used to inform strategy development and monitor changes in the market to facilitate the development and implementation of commercialization strategies that can increase the uptake of therapies. Disease Testing Rate Tracker Data can be applied at each stage of the product life cycle. 


As commercial teams enter the pre-launch phase for a new biomarker with no clinical utility, they can choose to do a testing rate tracker on an analogue biomarker. Tracking the market in this way will provide an insight and understanding of the testing landscape and establish a benchmark for uptake and forecasting.   


During the launch phase, the Disease Testing Rate Tracker delivers insights that help track biomarker performance against competitors and to accurately address issues surrounding suboptimal testing rates and take action to improve market positioning.  


Receiving the Disease Testing Rate Tracker as products enter the post-launch phase enables commercial teams to track uptake and strategy effectiveness by continuing to monitor the testing landscape, competitor market analysis and compare product uptake to what was previously forecasted.  

Regardless of the stage at which the tracker is implemented, the team at Diaceutics are on hand to support clients in interpreting the data and advising on next steps to take. This could be a Market Landscape to address suboptimal testing rates by receiving a 360° analysis of the specific pain points in the testing landscape and expert recommendations for strategy development, or a Lab Mapping project for a deeper analysis into the labs currently testing patients diagnosed with a specific disease or biomarker. 

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