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Which pharma companies are ready for diagnostic integration in 2017?

4 April, 2017

The regular Pharma Readiness reports produced by Diaceutics aim to capture a snapshot of the diagnostic and precision medicine industries at certain times in a fast-evolving landscape. Pharma Readiness for Diagnostic Integration 2017 is no exception and discusses such vital topics as:

  • Trends, best practice and preferred organizational styles in diagnostics (Dx) and precision medicine (PM)
  • Therapies in the pipeline
  • The impact of pharma readiness and financial risks
  • The companies that are pushing forward
  • Key takeaways and predictions

Production of this year’s report involved analysing 23 main pharma companies and the PM credentials of over 1000 therapies on the market and in the pipeline, providing a 360° view of Dx-dependent therapy assets. The benchmarking process is continually being refined to provide the most important industry insights. New analytical additions for 2017 include:

  • Analysis of therapy portfolios which are highly Dx-enabled, for example, hepatitis and diabetes
  • Scoring companies’ internal capability according to our “Like it/Learn it/Leverage it” to reflect with more granularity the impact of organizational structures on commercial performance
  • Inclusion of Big Data and lab partnerships alongside therapy/diagnostic partnerships to reflect the evolution of PM beyond molecular testing
  • Ranking of real-time experience with test launches

Being at the heart of the diagnostics space, Diaceutics is perfectly placed to not only analyse and comment on the precision medicine world in real-time but to make informed and thought-provoking predictions for the years ahead. So in addition to concise predictions around segmentation, partnering, the role of laboratories and Dx-enablement strategies, the 2017 report also contains a series of specially commissioned opinion pieces looking at the key trends likely to shape the pharma/Dx interface and PM marketplace to 2020 and beyond.

For an informed view of the current diagnostic landscape, the companies forging ahead and a look ahead at future trends, download Pharma Readiness for Diagnostic Integration 2017.

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