DXRX For Diagnostic Companies

Enables the diagnostic industry to extract more value from Precision Medicine

Join the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and testing laboratories on one secure network to unlock the value of Precision Medicines

DXRX is a global network designed to enable Diagnostic Companies to collaborate with key Precision Medicine stakeholders in a vibrant marketplace

Realize the value of your test capabilities as a key driver in the delivery of better patient outcomes

Interact with pharmaceutical companies earlier in the development phase to enhance the value delivered by your test throughout commercialization

Profile your organization and capabilities on a secure platform for best in class partnering opportunities

DXRX enables diagnostic companies to profile their organization, technology and capabilities in a secure, standardized way to facilitate best-in-class collaborations with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies

Be part of the world's first diagnostic network for Precision Medicine to get every patient the treatment they deserve

Join a global movement with key stakeholders in precision medicine to integrate seamless diagnostic testing at every stage of the development and commercialization journey

Accelerate business development opportunities using a streamlined, transparent process

Respond to and engage with RFPs which are aligned with your organization's capabilities using a standardized partner selection process

DXRX is an end-to-end solution for the development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics