PharmaVOICE 2020 Year in Preview features precision medicine insight of CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling - Diaceutics

PharmaVOICE 2020 Year in Preview features precision medicine insight of CEO of Diaceutics Peter Keeling

The thought leadership of Peter Keeling, the CEO of Diaceutics, is featured in the PharmaVOICE’s 2020 Year in Preview issue (Nov/Dec 2019). Keeling is one of 130+ precision medicine experts selected to comment on 20 provocative questions regarding changes needed to “address inefficiency and productivity to achieve aspirational goals for healthcare in the future.” 

Keeling’s insight into the future possibilities for precision medicine is featured on page 32 in the opening article, entitled “The Year Ahead.” Keeling responded to the question “What if the promise of personalized medicine was realized?” with the following:

The following quote from Keeling is featured on page 85 in the article entitled “Patient Care: Treatment to Cure,” under “Early detection key to improving health” sidebar:

For more insights on and predictions for Precision Medicine in the year ahead, read the Diaceutics PM Readiness Report. 

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