Our Ebooks cover a range of essential topics that can help you to build corporate knowledge on targeted therapy and companion diagnostic commercialization.

PD-L1: The Story So Far

PD-L1 has been one of the most talked about new biomarkers in the context of targeted therapy. This Ebook looks at the dynamic PD-L1 space and discusses topics such as test availability, integration alongside more established biomarkers, complementary testing and how a suboptimal PD-L1 diagnostic marketplace can lead to lost treatment opportunities.

Better Testing

A shift to value-based pricing for drugs in the US market has been much anticipated by payers and the pharma industry alike. However, better testing has not featured adequately in the debate to date. This Ebook contains articles and discussion from Diaceutics on how better testing can play a central role in achieving the optimal economic model.

Pharma Readiness for Diagnostic Integration 2017

Being at the heart of the diagnostics space, Diaceutics is perfectly placed to not only analyse and comment on the precision medicine world in real-time but to make informed and thought-provoking predictions for the years ahead. This collection of opinion pieces written for Pharma Readiness for Diagnostic Integration 2017 looks at the key trends likely to shape the pharma/diagnostic interface and precision medicine marketplace over the coming years.

Personalized Medicine: What Pharma Should Do To Get Ready

An essential component of personalized medicine is diagnostic (Dx) testing, which identifies the right patient for the right drug. The diagnostic industry is growing steadily, but what does it mean for the pharmaceutical industry and how can pharma seize this personalized medicine opportunity?

Regulatory Matters in Personalized Medicine

Regulation of personalized medicine therapies and diagnostics is essential but often lengthy and complex. Learn more about particular regulatory aspects by downloading our Ebook.

The Challenges of Access and Reimbursement

Access to diagnostic tests and the subsequent reimbursement is an issue affecting all stakeholders in personalized medicine. Learn more about these challenges and how to overcome them by downloading our Ebook.

How Diagnostics are Changing Pharma Launches

Pharma is moving away from launching with the one-size-fits-all model of drug launches towards multiple, smaller launches in personalized medicine due to ever diminishing return on investment (ROI). Learn how to understand, overcome and master diagnostic launches by downloading our Ebook right now.