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Insight Solutions

Product / Service Name

Long Definition

Signal alerts maximize the effectiveness of your brand’s sales and marketing activities by receiving actionable alerts enabling you to deliver the right message, to the right physicians, at the optimum time.

Testing Rate Tracker

Testing Rate Tracker delivers an intuitive report  showing biomarker testing rates per indication at a national level, delivering an accurate view of testing rates, adoption and trends over time to enable precise and reliable tracking and forecasting as well as highlighting where action should be taken.

Lab Segmentation

Lab Mapping offers global insights into labs currently testing patients that have been diagnosed with a specific disease or biomarker. Labs are ranked by test volume with a range of details provided including test availability, modality, methods, turnaround time and reporting.

Physician Segmentation

Physician Mapping provides a comprehensive view of physician testing behaviour in the US using patient level data to determine testing rates, methodology and the physician to lab relationship.  Physician Mapping also highlights sub-optimal testing behaviours such as reduced testing rates, slow turnaround time or incorrect testing methods and enables the comparison of biomarker testing rates.

Engagement Solutions

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Lab Engage

DXRX Lab Talks are 30 to 45-minute online peer-to-peer sessions led by local Key Opinion Leaders in each country’s local language offering pharma the opportunity to engage with labs, gather feedback and gain insights related to their therapy.
DXRX Lab Alerts enable pharma to engage with the DXRX Lab Network through highly targeted, customised, educational emails designed to promote an action.

Physician Engage

Physician Engage enables pharma to engage with physicians through tailored, targeted and timely digital notifications and influence decision-making around patient biomarker testing and/ or patient treatment.

Advisory Services

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Strategy and Planning

Diaceutics Strategy and Planning Service provides strategic advice and guidance including tactical playbooks and Diagnostic partner guidance to enable pharma to successfully launch a precision medicine globally. Diaceutics' team of experts identify the essential elements for formulating a strategic plan to launch a diagnostic test such as: local market landscape; scenario analysis & guidance; strategy phasing development and local market adaptation.


Diaceutics Insights Service provides a comprehensive analysis of the diagnostic and precision medicine landscape in a given market and barriers to testing including patient testing journeys, highlighting areas of risk which may affect future biomarker testing which can impact the identification of eligible candidates for therapy.

Market Access
Market Access provides a deep-dive analysis of the current diagnostic reimbursement landscape.  Diaceutics provides a full recommendation of tactics tailored to an individual client situation and guidance to gain sufficient access to a Diagnostic test, therefore reducing patients not being identified as eligible for therapy. Education and Content

Education and Content

Custom built internal or external educational resources and workshops.
Internal training content includes live workshops, recorded trainings, educational programs or modules on a specific diagnostic topic such as: CDx 101; specific technologies; launch planning; diagnostic contract considerations; regulatory impact etc.

External awareness content delivers educational programs   on behalf of pharma clients for external stakeholders, such as diagnostic companies or labs on a specific diagnostics topic in the form of webinars, workshops, ad boards or posters.

Impact Assessment

"Access unrivalled precision medicine data and insights to support risk mitigation and make the right decisions for an emerging therapy.
An impact assessment will aid future planning needed to ensure the full potential of patient uptake that can be realized and subsequently enable better therapeutic outcomes for patients."


Ad-hoc consultancy sessions and workshops delivered by Diaceutics precision medicine experts.

Scientific Services

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Long Definition
Scientific Engagement
Ring Study - concordance assessment across multiple labs to compare performance of biomarker assays to increase test options, biomarker awareness and adoption.

Lab Report Optimization - through education and lab engagement, optimization of test reports to facilitate easy & quick interpretation of results by physician thereby promoting drug and/or test.

Pharma Lab Induction - enabling Pharma field teams to engage with labs through leveraging Diaceutics' long-standing relationships with its DXRX Lab Network.

Lab Training - education to labs delivered by Diaceutics experts enabled by leveraging the DXRX Lab Network.

EQA Support - enabling lab participation in an EQA program to ensure quality monitoring and optimized biomarker testing.