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Data Analytics

Diaceutics has built a global data lake of diagnostic testing information, curating data from over 2500 labs around the globe. Our data analytics services, including Landscape, Tracking and Primary Market Research, leverage the diagnostic testing information to provide data-driven insights to drive seamless integration of diagnostic tests into treatment pathways.

Diagnostic Landscape

Data driven insights with comprehensive recommendations to help identify specific risks and opportunities for your test

Patient Journey
Understand which tests are performed, and in which order, for a specific disease

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Lab Mapping
Understand the lab testing volumes, testing rates and test methodologies for all laboratories

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Diagnostic Reimbursement
Understand challenges in test pricing and reimbursement across major markets

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Diagnostic Regulation
Understand specific diagnostic regulatory and compliance environments

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Turnaround Time
Understand the time it takes to receive a test result, from sample acquisition to report

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Sample Availability
Understand challenges in sample acquisition and management

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Diagnostic Tracking

Real-time monitoring of diagnostic performance in key laboratories

Lab Tracking
Monthly / Quarterly monitoring of the diffusion of a test or technology into the laboratory marketplace

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Patient Insights
Patient-level Test Journey Insights provides a granular view into testing patterns, test utilization, and the lab - patient dynamic

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Physician Segmentation
Understand which tests are being performed by your potential prescribers and which lab they use

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Diagnostic Market Research

Specialized, fully integrated primary market research focused on diagnostics and CDx-enabled therapies

Diagnostic Payers Research
Understanding payer perspectives that drive diagnostic test access and reimbursement

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Diagnostic Clinical Landscape
Discover clinicians’ perspectives on how they work to optimize the diagnostic journey for their patients

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Integrated Mapping Research
Augment your diagnostic landscape with actionable insights derived from specialized primary market research

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Buying Process Research
Knowing how labs purchase and integrate new capital equipment is key to delivering seamless diagnostic testing, especially as technology continues to emerge

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Testers/Non-Testers Research
What makes some physicians willing to adopt new test technologies, while others are slow to adopt?

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Diaceutics leverages the experience of our laboratory, diagnostics and pharmaceutical experts in all the key markets. Our implementation services include Planning, Commercialization and Reimbursement Landscapes, to build the strategies and implement the tactics that will drive optimal test utilization, ensuring that patients are getting the right test at the right time resulting in the best treatment.

Diagnostic Planning

Build a diagnostic plan that ensures the test improves prescribing decisions and is not viewed as a barrier

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Consider how the test will be positioned alongside the therapeutic asset and then build and optimize a commercialization strategy to align with diagnostic partners

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Launch Planning
Avoid the most common lost treatment opportunities by ensuring the launch of the diagnostic test is synchronized with availability of the therapeutic

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Diagnostic Partner Selection
Access an index of diagnostic companies ranked by technology and disease indication

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Financial Forecast
Understand the impact the diagnostic will have on forecast in key markets

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Diagnostic Commercialization

Leverage on the ground experience to implement the diagnostic tactical plan in key markets

Content Creation
Create branded and non-branded content to support diagnostic messaging

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Team of lab professionals that can be deployed to deliver specific messaging to key labs

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Diagnostic Adboards
Select and recruit pathologists for adboards as well as generate content and facilitate meetings

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Conference Support
Support diagnostic specific needs at conferences

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Real-World Studies
Leverage extensive relationships with key labs to undertake real world evaluations

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Proficiency Testing
Engage with proficiency/EQA providers to set up new quality programs in support of new tests

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Diagnostic Reimbursement

Understand the reimbursement landscape across key global markets to ensure the seamless adoption of your companion diagnostic test

What is the current reimbursement status?
Diaceutics will provide explicit insights outlining country specific payer policies and help you develop and implement a plan to drive broad market access.

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How is reimbursement achieved?
Our experts are based in 17 markets around the globe and have hands on experience at the ground level understanding the nuances as the reimbursement requirements evolve.

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What are the likely reimbursement challenges?
The reimbursement landscape will uncover specific challenges and opportunities that will inform your planning to deliver optimal market access for your diagnostic test.

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Case studies & Analogues
Learn from our library of case studies gathered from over 300 companion diagnostic projects.

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Global Laboratory Network

Our Global Laboratory Team is dedicated to supporting a network of 2500+ laboratories across the US, Europe and worldwide. Discover our range of laboratory services below.

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