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Diagnostic Commercialization

Leverage on the ground experience to implement Diagnostic tactical plans in key markets

Planning is only as effective as the execution that takes place once the diagnostic test and your therapeutic have been approved by regulatory agencies. Diaceutics experts will delight all stakeholders with quality content, impactful workshops, laboratory education and implementation support to ensure your planning is being effectively pulled through.

Content Creation

Diaceutics can support your team by creating branded content to convey key messages to your audiences.

  • Promotional materials targeted for different audiences capturing key messages
  • Preparation of white papers, scientific papers and abstracts
  • Online and offline marketing content creation for implementation support
  • Educational content about diagnostic testing for laboratories, physicians or patients

LabEd™ / Workshops

The Diaceutics LabEd program combines direct visits, training webinars, delivery of specific content and educational materials to ensure laboratories are ready to support the positioning of a diagnostic test. Our highly-trained commercial lab educators support test awareness through:

  • Building peer-to-peer relationships with key laboratories
  • Disseminating key messages relevant to specific biomarkers in any disease indication
  • Detailed understanding of the compliance environment
  • Serving as your company’s voice in the field to raise awareness and advocate for proper use of specific diagnostic tests

Diagnostic Adboards

With a multidisciplinary global operations team, Diaceutics is uniquely positioned to provide expert advisory boards to deliver valued industry-specific feedback and technical support to pharma and diagnostic companies involved in the development and commercialization of diagnostics and targeted therapies. We also facilitate the execution of adboards for client events, conferences and meetings. This is achieved by recruiting key opinion leaders, pathologists or lab directors, identifying potential attendees and managing the operational aspects of adboards on behalf of our clients.

Conference Support

Diaceutics can act as client representatives at conferences or provide your team with additional support and expertise at industry events, creating extra bandwidth and optimizing your conference time. Our expert team can speak at events and round table discussions under your branding and provide support as needed. The team can help you get the most from your whole conference experience, from preparation and lead generation to evaluation.

Real-World Studies

Diaceutics can help pharma clients conduct real world evidence studies for their targeted therapy assets. We leverage our medical record database, global laboratory network and customized surveys to understand the current treatment and diagnostic testing practices. Unlike clinical trials, which are controlled, real world studies are conducted to gain insight into how diagnostic testing can affect treatment decision-making, identifying which factors or parameters could impact the quality, accuracy and performance of the assay in real world situations. These analyses enable pharma stakeholders to make informed strategic investment decisions.

Proficiency Testing

By engaging with proficiency testing (PT)/external quality assessment (EQA) providers, Diaceutics can guide pharma clients as they set up quality programs for development and commercialization of new diagnostics tests. We offer PT/EQA services in North America, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Japan and China, and can establish these in any target market. The services include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the reasoning behind PT/EQA and its process
  • Identifying the stakeholders, their roles and influence in the process
  • Highlighting the regulatory requirements and preferences in different countries
  • Setting up a new PT/EQA program for a specific biomarker/technology test in a target market

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